Confidence before the bungee jump

No matter where you travel with GoGlobal, our programs will push you outside of your comfort zone and challenge you to achieve your full potential.  Mary Claire Shulstad, a junior at the University of Alabama, shares her powerful experience after taking the leap into the Corinth Canal! Although I am not the first GoGlobal student … Continue Reading »

View of Table Mountain from Signal Hill

Eternity Perry, a junior at Oglethorpe University, wrote up a great list of some of the highlights of our LEAD Cape Town program! Be sure to check out each one of these if you decide to visit Cape Town! Cape Town is an amazing city. There is a ton of things to do and amazing … Continue Reading »

Ready for the world's highest bungee jump

Hannah Fierle, a junior at Miami University, leaped out of her comfort zone on Adventure Week with LEAD Cape Town. Congrats to Hannah and our other students who conquered their fears! My ankles weighed down and a thick bungee cord hooked to my harness, I am shaking with fear as I hobble to the edge … Continue Reading »

Beautiful beach in Greece

Caroline Rattikin from Texas Christian University gives some compelling reasons to study abroad. We could not agree more! Studying abroad offers the chance to discover a new realm of cultural experiences, people, places and opportunities that some can only dream of. Here are five reasons why everyone should study abroad: 1. To broaden your perspective … Continue Reading »

The summit of Table Mountain

Anneke Rood boldly broke through personal boundaries to climb Table Mountain. We’re so proud of our students for making the trek! Hiking Table Mountain has been the highlight of my time here in Cape Town. It’s not my favorite because of the view, or the idea of “conquering” one of the seven wonders, but because … Continue Reading »

Roommates exploring ancient Athens

Ashton Lane, a junior at Louisiana State University, would probably agree that you should go into your study abroad experience with few expectations because things may turn out differently! 1. Your random roommate will be weird Well, I guess this is half true 😉 Just kidding… My best friend, Kaitlyn, and I were put with … Continue Reading »

Exploring Vouliagmeni Lake

Courtney Rattikin, a junior at the University of Texas at Austin, shares her must-do’s for Athens! Don’t miss out! 1. Vouliagmeni Lake You can hardly see this lake because it is tucked away on the opposite side from the beach. Even though it was a cloudy day when I went, it was still gorgeous. The … Continue Reading »