Tayler Ayers

Alright gentlemen, you’ve probably seen our “fashion” blogs for the ladies. Now it’s your turn! Not sure what to wear around Rome?  Tayler Ayers has your back. Tayler is a student at Oglethorpe University and joined GO Rome in 2014 for its inaugural year.  Check out his tips! Clothing Necessity #1: Walking around the city/sight … Continue Reading »

Going Out outfit for Greece

Considering going to Greece? Don’t miss Hilary Rattikin’s simple outfit guide! A junior at the University of Texas and current LEAD Greece student, she is an expert on what to bring!

Packing is always one of the most difficult parts of getting ready for a long trip. In between classes, hiking, and touring it can be hard to decide what all you need to bring. To help you out, here are the five types of outfits you’ll need in Greece:

1. Comfy Casual
From sitting through morning classes at the hotel to grabbing a quick ice cream cone in Athens, comfort is key! Be sure to bring a few casual tshirts and shorts to run around in on low key days.

Outfit 1 for Greece

2. Active
Some of our days are more active than others. Whether we are climbing a volcano in Santorini or hiking Samaria Gorge it’s important to have comfortable athletic wear to keep you cool. Tennis shoes are definitely a must!

Active Outfit for Greece

3. Casual Cute
With all the beautiful places to see, you will to want to take more pictures than your memory card has room for. Make sure you look cute while touring the Acropolis and exploring Crete with friends. Shorts and cute tops are comfortable, effortless and ensure you will look great in all the photos you send home! Converse are the way to go on long days like these. Don’t forget a cute pair of sunglasses!

Casual Cute outfit for Greece

4. Swim
Be sure to bring a cute swimsuit and cover up! You will live in flowy sundresses and sandals while you’re heading to the pool or sailing around Santorini on a catamaran. However, with all the adorable cover ups we’ve found shopping maybe it’s not the end of the world if you “accidently” forget yours!

Outfit idea for Greece

5. Going Out
From fun dinners with friends in Glyfada to a night out on a rooftop in Athens, it’s smart to bring a couple of outfits you can dress up or dress down. We love wearing rompers, jeans, and sundresses and mixing them up with flats or wedges and fun scarves or jewelry.

Going Out outfit for Greece

But don’t stress! If you happen to forget a cute sundress or a pair of jean shorts, you have 70 new best friends to share closets with!

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