So…Thanksgiving is over, but now we look forward to Christmas Dinner! And all of those cookies…and the holiday parties…ah, the joys of the scrumptious treats of the holiday season. Don’t worry, though…as the new year rolls around and the weather gets warmer, you won’t have to say goodbye to all of the delectables. Your trip … Continue Reading »

Guys…this one’s for you! It’s true – there are more girls than guys on Go Global trips. Across the board, study abroad trips tend to be at least 65% female.  Initially, a guy’s first thought at these numbers might be to leave studying abroad up to the girls, but really, there are SO many great … Continue Reading »

On each of our trips, we spend class time in our last week together preparing our students for potential encounters upon coming home that could pose some difficulty or confusion, big and small. Friends not understanding how great the trip really was…friends getting sick and tired of hearing about how great the trip really was…the … Continue Reading »