Connecting with students during service week

By: Katie Peltier, a junior at the University of Texas I will focus on my strengths but remember my weaknesses. LEAD Cape Town is all about how you can become a better leader; so many times we are told to focus on your weaknesses so you can become better in that area but, we tend … Continue Reading »

Bloukrans Bridge bungee

Mary Kittleman, a senior at the University of Maryland, had the courage to conquer her fears with the encouragement of other GoGlobal students. Congrats, Mary! 1. Anxious – Throughout Adventure Week, I was extremely nervous about bungee jumping off of Bloukrans Bridge. I have always been afraid of heights and I’m not really sure why. … Continue Reading »

The summit of Table Mountain

Anneke Rood boldly broke through personal boundaries to climb Table Mountain. We’re so proud of our students for making the trek! Hiking Table Mountain has been the highlight of my time here in Cape Town. It’s not my favorite because of the view, or the idea of “conquering” one of the seven wonders, but because … Continue Reading »