Connecting with students during service week

By: Katie Peltier, a junior at the University of Texas I will focus on my strengths but remember my weaknesses. LEAD Cape Town is all about how you can become a better leader; so many times we are told to focus on your weaknesses so you can become better in that area but, we tend … Continue Reading »

Ready for the world's highest bungee jump

Hannah Fierle, a junior at Miami University, leaped out of her comfort zone on Adventure Week with LEAD Cape Town. Congrats to Hannah and our other students who conquered their fears! My ankles weighed down and a thick bungee cord hooked to my harness, I am shaking with fear as I hobble to the edge … Continue Reading »

The summit of Table Mountain

Anneke Rood boldly broke through personal boundaries to climb Table Mountain. We’re so proud of our students for making the trek! Hiking Table Mountain has been the highlight of my time here in Cape Town. It’s not my favorite because of the view, or the idea of “conquering” one of the seven wonders, but because … Continue Reading »

Olivia Gotwald, a senior at the College of Charleston, gives us not just blog but a VLOG (video blog)! Catch a glimpse into the life of LEAD Cape Town student by watching the video linked below! This experience is something that is really hard to describe. I had no idea what I was walking into … Continue Reading »

One of my favorite sayings is “If it makes you nervous, you’re doing it right.” Kelsey LeMon, a junior at the University of Mississippi, did not know a single person attending LEAD Cape Town and was unsure if she made the right decision, but she quickly realized that this experience is exactly what she needed … Continue Reading »


Go Global encourages students to commit to connect, dive in and leave with no regrets. Read about how Kate Cunningham, a junior at the University of Mississippi, is taking our approach to heart! During our first big group meeting in Cape Town, our community leaders spoke to us about “leaving it all on the bridge”: … Continue Reading »


Caroline Penland, a junior at the University of Georgia, shares her thirst for adventure in her blog below. I remember seeing sandboarding pictures from the LEAD Cape Town trip last year and thinking to myself, “I HAVE to try this someday.” If you do not know what sandboarding is, it is basically like snowboarding, but … Continue Reading »

You might find yourself in some similar situations as our next blogger, Dacey Cockrill, a senior at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.  When preparing for travel, I think Dacey would agree that you can always expect some bumps (and laughs) along the way! Although I have repeatedly made the Dean’s list and proudly display my … Continue Reading »

Finals are over (or getting close!), flights are booked, passports are renewed, forms are submitted; it’s officially time to launch our summer 2015 programs!  We are bringing nearly 290 students from 50 universities to three countries for five programs—our biggest summer EVER! I’m Michael McDaris, and I work full time with Go Global supporting our marketing … Continue Reading »