New friends in Cape Town

Even though our LEAD Cape Town students are only finishing week 1, Katharyn Neil, a junior at Auburn University, is already recognizing the value of living outside of your comfort zone with Go Global. As I was looking out over the ocean from Signal Hill, on my first day of being in Cape Town, I … Continue Reading »

Students at the airport

Anna Lee Price, a junior at the University of Alabama, perfectly describes how most of our students feel when first venturing away from home on a Go Global trip. Check it out below! You’re going to South Africa!!! You are headed to the airport to embark on an adventure of a lifetime without knowing what … Continue Reading »


Go Global encourages students to commit to connect, dive in and leave with no regrets. Read about how Kate Cunningham, a junior at the University of Mississippi, is taking our approach to heart! During our first big group meeting in Cape Town, our community leaders spoke to us about “leaving it all on the bridge”: … Continue Reading »

Sam on Table Mountain

Table Mountain: CONQUERED! Read about how Sam Reilly, a junior at the University of Michigan, made it to the top! 1. Wow this mountain is massive. How long is it going to take to get to the top? 2. Oh, this isn’t too bad! I’ll be able to keep up and we’ll get there in … Continue Reading »


Caroline Penland, a junior at the University of Georgia, shares her thirst for adventure in her blog below. I remember seeing sandboarding pictures from the LEAD Cape Town trip last year and thinking to myself, “I HAVE to try this someday.” If you do not know what sandboarding is, it is basically like snowboarding, but … Continue Reading »