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  • Emma Hallman

Athlete of the Week: Emma Hallman

Huntingdon College Women's Golf Team, 2024 Cape Town Student

My name is Emma Hallman and I am from Birmingham, Alabama. I currently attend Huntingdon College majoring in English with a Psychology and Criminal Justice minor. Golf can be an individual or team sport, but playing on a team brings a new perspective. I am working for my team, and if I don't play well, I have them to back me up.

They push me to be a better version of myself. I am where I am today because of my parents, as well as my hard work in practicing my game and taking advantage of every opportunity provided to me, allowing me to have my coach take a chance on me so that I can play at a collegiate level.

I chose the DIRECT Cape Town program because I have always wanted to go to South Africa and experience the different cultures and languages as well as experience the fun activities that Lead Abroad provides. I have always wanted to study abroad, but being a student-athlete makes it hard. The LeadAbroad DIRECT Cape Town program allows me to experience the aspects of studying abroad without having a full-time commitment, allowing me to still have time to practice golf. I am excited about going on a safari and Table Mountain and enriching myself in their culture. I am hoping my biggest takeaway will be understanding their culture and learning more about wildlife.


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