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Short Term

Curated travel experience focusing on adventure, service opportunities and local culture

2 weeks

Condensed personal development curriculum with workshops and reflection (not for college credit)

Fun activities and adventures to make the most of your travel

Volunteering in the community with after-school programming or a local nonprofit

Balanced program with included tours and ample free time to explore your surroundings with new friends

Focused experiences and learning activities to stimulate your personal growth

LeadAbroad Traveler Certificate


Unique study abroad experience focused on leadership, service and adventure

4 or 5 weeks

3 credit hours in leadership and 3 credit hours in service learning from Oglethorpe University

Adventures such as safari, sailing the Greek Isles, exploring the Mediterranean

Hands-on service project to give back to the community

Structured program design including excursions, adventure activities and group dinners

Innovative curriculum focused on your personal development and growth

LeadAbroad Scholar Certificate


Traditional study abroad program with independent travel opportunities

5 weeks

Three or six credit hours from Oglethorpe University in art, business, communications or culture

Three-day weekends to explore Italy, Spain and the rest of Europe

Professional experience track option in place of one academic class

Flexible program designed to provide long weekends for independent travel and exploration

Optional community club designed to elevate your personal growth and abroad experience

LeadAbroad Scholar Certificate


Professional experience focused on global health, nursing or physical therapy

2 weeks

Structured professional development, leadership lessons and reflection (not for college credit)

Activities including tours, excursions and local adventures

Real-world experience supporting medical clinics and working directly with patients

Opportunities to build your resume with real-world, tangible skills while experiencing everything your chosen location

Mentorship and coaching from professionals in your chosen PRO track

LeadAbroad Traveler Certificate
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Start dreaming of your summer abroad now!

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