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Why LeadAbroad?

TODAY ONLY! Thanks for joining the priority list. Every week, we'll release one of our program's sample itineraries to individuals who join the priority list. Click below to access our PRO Costa Rica Sample Itinerary!
Leading transformative experiences since 2009, we continue to be humbled by the opportunity to travel with ambitious and talented college students. We believe that studying abroad is the most impactful aspect of the college experience and thank you for taking the time to learn more about LeadAbroad!

We know the power of moments; those moments that inspire you to dream the impossible, give more than you knew you could and contemplate your life’s purpose. Our experiences, coupled with a personal development curriculum, are uniquely designed to engage students wherever they are in life, expose them to new ideas and life-changing experiences and equip them with the tools to make a difference in their community and the world.


Who We Are

LeadAbroad is a team of young people living in Atlanta. Over the last 15 years, we’ve led more than 5,000 students on adventures around the world.

Next Steps

Look out for a text from our team in August to schedule a time to chat.

Why Now

Do not miss your chance to travel during college. Join us on an adventure to discover yourself, connect with friends and come alive this summer!

Why LeadAbroad?

Our Programs

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