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Athletes Abroad: Anna Kate Martin

2020-2024 Alabama Co-Ed Cheerleader, 2022 Costa Rica Student, 2023 Costa Rica Staff

Hey everyone! My name is Anna Kate Martin and I am from Atlanta, GA. I am a current senior at The University of Alabama studying Human Development & Family Studies on the pre-med track. I am also a cheerleader here at the university and have the amazing opportunity to cheer on The Tide not only in Bryant Denny Stadium on Saturdays but also cheering on the basketball, volleyball, and gymnastic teams.

I started cheering in the fourth grade and soon after attended my very first Alabama football game where I made it a goal to one day be on the sidelines in that crimson uniform. After years of hard work and dedication, I joined the Co-ed Team for the fall of 2020.

I found LeadAbroad through my best friend while looking at the Greece trip in the summer of 2022. But after browsing the options, I discovered the PRO Costa Rica program built for medical students. I was in awe of the amazing opportunity and knew it would be a life-changing summer. I spent two weeks as a student and learned the importance of serving others with my passion for medicine. The following year, I never stopped talking about Costa Rica and knew in my heart I had to return. That next summer I served as an Intern for LeadAbroad and got to return to my favorite country…except this time for 7 weeks!

While being abroad I still had requirements from my team, like workout videos and tumbling, I was able to balance the requirements by finding a group of students who enjoyed running and creating our own workouts.

Three students and I created our own circuit by lifting water jugs as weights, running to the grocery store, and using the waterfall hike as a stair stepper workout. It was an amazing way to connect with others and create a bond while fulfilling my athletic commitment.

When returning back home after living abroad, I found myself enjoying the little gifts life has to offer and appreciating everything I have in front of me. In Costa Rica, I saw people who did not have access to good quality healthcare - the things we take for granted like seeing a doctor was sometimes not an option for them. I have really turned my focus into helping others abroad by using my love for medicine.


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