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A Traveler's Dream: Finding Lisbon Under the Tree

by Olivia Higley: GO Lisbon 2024

Hi! My name is Olivia Higley and I’m a freshmen at Auburn University. I am going on the GO Lisbon program with LeadAbroad in 2024. I’ve always wanted to travel abroad and I decided this year and this program was the best time for me to do it!

I was so lucky to get this gift as a present from my parents.

I am beyond excited to go to Lisbon because I’ve never been to Portugal before. I think the program is amazing, and the three day weekends will allow us to take advantage of exploring another city or country in Europe.

Travel means everything to me. I grew up traveling with parents in the airline industry, and I knew that I will continue traveling for the rest of my life!

Other than moving away for college, I’ve never lived anywhere other than my hometown. Living in Lisbon is going to be the best time ever - I’m counting down the days until I'm there!


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