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Meet Our 2024 Fellow: Gia Gonzales

We are ecstatic to introduce our next 2024 Fellow spotlight, Gia Gonzales! Gia is joining our team all the way from from Lewiston, Idaho. She is currently a senior at Lewis-Clark State College majoring in business administration. We could not be more thrilled to have her abroad next summer and in Atlanta next fall!

Gia's journey with LeadAbroad began in 2023 as a student on our LEAD Greece program. Believe it or not, three of our 2024 Fellows were all together on this program! After her experience studying abroad in Greece, Gia became a campus ambassador this fall for LeadAbroad.

She said, "I was so nervous to go abroad, I knew no one going and was coming from a school so far away from the majority of students. The second I met my roommates, I knew I was going to have some of my best friends for life."

Gia met a great group of friends on the program that she still talks to today. She said, "The group of students on LEAD Greece were so welcoming - and I knew this trip was leading me to find my people! Having the best people surrounding me abroad allowed me to grow in so many different ways, and I cannot be more thankful for that!

Gia believes that studying abroad changed so many aspects of her life. She gained confidence in herself and a positive perspective on life after her 4-week experience in Greece.

Our team asked Gia which specific aspects of LeadAbroad have shaped her into the person she is today. She explained that the program structure allowed her to grow and develop her leadership skills.

She believes these qualities will help her land jobs later in life and mentioned that acquiring these skills played a crucial role in securing her fellowship position.

Gia is looking forward to meeting both the students and staff this summer, "I’m SO excited to serve on these trips and allow my students to grow & develop while learning about different cultures. I cannot wait to meet y’all!"

Follow Gia's adventures here!


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