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Meet Our 2024 Fellow: Ellie Jurgensmeyer

We are excited to announce Ellie Jurgensmeyer will be joining the LeadAbroad team as a 2024 Fellow! Ellie is from Overland Park, Kansas and currently studies Psychology and Social Work at the University of Arkansas.

Her journey with LeadAbroad began two years ago as a student on our DIRECT Greece program. She fell in love with the values, culture, and staff during those two weeks and knew her time with the organization wasn’t over. In summer 2023, Ellie served on our program staff as an international intern on our LEAD Greece program. She stayed connected with us by speaking to new members of Greek life organizations about studying abroad.

Ellie told our team "Going abroad these past two summers with LeadAbroad has given me the most supportive group of friends and mentors. They were constantly there for me throughout the programs, ready for deep talks on the roof, debriefs on the bus, and long conversations at dinner. They continue to support me to this day. Being abroad instilled newfound confidence in me, inspiring me to explore new opportunities and discover my place here at LeadAbroad!"

Her outlook on life changed after her abroad experiences the past two summers. Ellie realized there is so much more to see, and never wanted to let herself get stuck in fear again. Ellie expressed that her time on the LeadAbroad programs "cemented my strengths and values, preparing me for whatever life throws my way."

She believes that the LeadAbroad staff truly got her to where she is today. "From pouring into me as a student to encouraging me to apply for the internship to giving me opportunities to grow as a leader as an intern, the staff always saw my potential and provided me with the tools to grow. They continue to be my biggest supporters in all aspects of my life."

Everything about the fellowship excites Ellie.

She is most looking forward to the new connections she plans to make this upcoming summer and fall. From staff members to students to potential travelers, she is excited to hear their story and pour into them; the same way she expressed the LeadAbroad staff has done for her!

Click here to follow Ellie's adventures!


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