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Meet Our 2024 Fellow: Anne Stewart

We are excited to introduce our first fellow spotlight of the week, Anne Stewart! Anne attended The University of Alabama, majored in Public Relations, and was born and raised in Hoover, Alabama. After graduating, Anne took the leap of faith to move across the world to London, England. She was initially inspired to travel after going on a LeadAbroad program as a student in 2022.


Anne has had quite the journey with us. She discovered the organization after a chapter representative spoke at her sorority house, Alpha Gamma Delta at UA. As a junior in college, she wrote her name down on the clipboard to get more information about studying abroad. After speaking with LeadAbroad's Director of Sales and Marketing, Joanna Harbin, Anne was instantly sold on our two week experience in Cape Town, South Africa.

Anne said, "After hearing more about the trip and the LeadAbroad family it just sounded like the perfect opportunity for me!" In addition to being a student in 2022, Anne was an intern on our GO Rome program this past summer.

Anne had never been outside of the country before traveling to Cape Town. Once she got her friend Emily on board for the summer program, the two of them started the search for other roommates. Each of the girls quickly became close with one another. "It was like we had been friends forever."

On our DIRECT Cape Town program, she met people from all over the United States who she still keeps in touch with on a regular basis. "There’s just a certain type of bond that you create with people when you experience a trip with LeadAbroad - and it’s so special and rare. Through my trip I grew so much in many ways, and it has brought me to where I am today."

"After my time abroad, I became hooked on travel."

Anne immediately started saving her money to fund another trip as soon as possible. In the fall of 2022, she applied for LeadAbroad's summer international staff and was placed on the 2023 GO Rome Program as a program intern. Anne gained a newfound confidence in herself and travel abilities, which led her to become an Au Pair in London for 9 months.

Anne shared with our team that, "If it wasn’t for LeadAbroad and my amazing travel experiences with them, I would’ve never in a million years had the courage and confidence in myself to move across the world. Especially to a city I’d never been to and where I don’t know a soul. I am about halfway finished with my time here in London and it has been an absolute dream.

LeadAbroad has challenged me, stretched me, strengthened me, and grown me in more ways than I can count. I would not be on the path I am today if it wasn’t for LeadAbroad. I am so grateful to be where I am, and to see where I’ll go!"

She expressed that LeadAbroad’s leadership trainings have been very beneficial and impactful to her. Anne is thankful for the genuine encouragement from all of the staff and believes that it has propelled this new journey for her life.

Anne is most excited to get to meet all of the students that will be on the programs with her next summer during the fellowship. She cannot wait to find out where she is going, and for the amazing memories she'll make with her future students! 

Follow along Anne's travels here.


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