About PRO Programs

PRO programs are 2 to 4 professional travel experiences focused on three tracks: business, global health and education. During your time in Barcelona or Costa Rica, you will not only gain real-world, hands-on skills in your chosen track but also experience the best that your location has to offer.  From city tours to weekend getaways, authentic food to epic adventure, PRO combines a rigorous professional development curriculum with all the best parts of study abroad.

PRO Destinations

PRO Barcelona

Join us in Barcelona for an incredible professional experienceship! What’s an experienceship? We’re glad you asked! It’s our term for a month-long program filled with business lessons, hands on client work and valuable experiences to build your resume and prepare you for the working world! You will get to work alongside Barcelona’s best entrepreneurs while … Continue Reading »

Costa Rica Volcano
PRO Costa Rica

Join us for a two week professional development opportunity that focuses on providing you with real-world work experience packed with adventures. Choose between three tracks (global health, nursing or physical therapy) to hone your skills and build your resume. The PRO curriculum emphasizes hands-on professional experience while ensuring that you don’t miss any of the … Continue Reading »