All smiles in Cape Town

If you are a student interested in joining us abroad, you might find yourself having similar thoughts to Callie Cole, a junior at the University of Alabama, who never thought studying abroad in South Africa would be a part of her college experience. It was just a typical Wednesday night in Tuscaloosa sitting on my sorority’s … Continue Reading »

Students viewing Table Mountain

Evie Copeland, a junior at Appalachian State University, is our very first LEAD Cape Town blogger! Check out her first impressions of this incredible place! When entering Cape Town, South Africa, for the first time, many culture changes, traditions and observations were seen. This city already had my heart with its breath-taking views, food and … Continue Reading »

Students making new friends

Cari Grace Lutkins, a senior at the University of Alabama, committed to connect with her fellow students by being intentional on Cape Town Direct.  Don’t miss this great post! For a long time, I have been searching for the real meaning of “being intentional” with everything that I do. Being intentional in relationships, being intentional … Continue Reading »

Michael in Sir Lowry's Pass

Michael Peterson, a junior at Florida Community College at Jacksonville, is our next blogger from Cape Town Direct. We always encourage our students to challenge themselves and step out of their comfort zones, and Michael did just that and found the results to be incredibly rewarding! When I first thought about writing my blog for … Continue Reading »

Serving in Sir Lowry's Pass

Elise Granger, a senior at the University of Alabama, is another one of our GO: Again students as she traveled on LEAD Greece last year and joined on Cape Town Direct this year. Check out her blog to learn about the power of service across different programs! A different country, a new perspective. Throughout my … Continue Reading »

The staff on our programs is one of the things that makes Go Global so unique. Hannah Hall, a junior at Texas A&M University, interviewed Ish, our Cape Town Activities Director! Ish has been involved with our Cape Town program since the very first year and does an amazing job serving our students. Q: How … Continue Reading »

The best tuna tartar you have ever had!

Today’s blogger in Cape Town is Lesley Clark. Lesley is a junior at the University of South Carolina. As an expert foodie, we definitely trust her recommendations for great spots to check out in Cape Town! From one foodie to another, here are five places you must go while in Cape Town…  The Old Biscuit Mill: This … Continue Reading »


Go Global encourages students to commit to connect, dive in and leave with no regrets. Read about how Kate Cunningham, a junior at the University of Mississippi, is taking our approach to heart! During our first big group meeting in Cape Town, our community leaders spoke to us about “leaving it all on the bridge”: … Continue Reading »

Sam on Table Mountain

Table Mountain: CONQUERED! Read about how Sam Reilly, a junior at the University of Michigan, made it to the top! 1. Wow this mountain is massive. How long is it going to take to get to the top? 2. Oh, this isn’t too bad! I’ll be able to keep up and we’ll get there in … Continue Reading »


Caroline Penland, a junior at the University of Georgia, shares her thirst for adventure in her blog below. I remember seeing sandboarding pictures from the LEAD Cape Town trip last year and thinking to myself, “I HAVE to try this someday.” If you do not know what sandboarding is, it is basically like snowboarding, but … Continue Reading »