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  1. This is a great opportunity; I am very interested in going abroad. Europe is really intriguing to me.

    • Alexandra,
      Awesome! You sound like a perfect fit for our Rome program, which would allow you to explore Europe on your 3-day weekends (every weekend!). I’ll shoot you an email. -Anna

    • Katheryn,
      Thanks for the comment! Cape Town is an awesome choice; I speak from experience. I’ll shoot you an email! -Anna

  2. My daughter was in Cape Town last summer and keeps talking about today! She took so many pics and said it was an awesome experience. She text me a lot of pics and I was so happy for her! Now my wife Kris wants to go there! I hope we can go and have Haley as our guide. I would recommend this to any student out there that wants to explore the world. You only live once!

    • Dave, thanks for the comment! We are so thrilled that your family is pleased with our program. We love Cape Town, too! -Anna

  3. Thank you SO much for helping me explore some of these options abroad–I was 100% interested, but I don’t think it’s going to work out this year because of other obligations. Joanna was the greatest, and I appreciate everything! Next time!

  4. I’m interning in Europe this summer, but I definitely want to take advantage of this experience next summer! Thank you.

    • Margaret, so excited for your opportunity in Europe! We look forward to reaching out to you next year and hopefully getting you abroad with us 🙂 Good luck! -Anna

  5. Even though I already knew your story, Dacey, I enjoyed reading it and knowing you are already able to laugh at your mistakes. Most of all it was JUST GOOD TO HEAR FROM YOU.I think you inherited those tendencies. Enjoy the rest of your big adventure. The pictures are beautiful!

  6. Book smart, life dumb. It’s ok, I’ve done worse 🙂 Love you sis! I hope the picture on this blog post is where you are staying!

  7. Imagine that……an attorney ( soon to be) with a sense of humor.
    Love you baby girl.

  8. Remember that time I threw away my graduation cap and had to buy a new one? 🙂 Loved this!! Glad you’re there safe and having fun! Miss you!!

  9. I did not know I had such a smart and interesting granddaughter. You have a wonderful insite of what this trip was about. I am so proud of you. Love Grammy

  10. I luv u and ur blog !! Glad u are safe and happy – I cannot wait to hear all about ur trip wen u get home ! Stay sweet

  11. What a great perspective. So many people are held back by fear. It is important to note that almost everyone is nervous before a big adventure, but that is a positive sign. It means you are open and ready for all the craziness.

    I’m going to have to share this on my study abroad blog’s facebook page : )

  12. Dear Maddie –
    My heart goes out to you and your family. Harlan was a dear, dear man. He always took time to hug, talk and share his smile. He will live on through you. Hugs to you as you find a way to grieve and get use to a new normal in your life. I’ll always be here for you and your family – great people!

  13. This was beautiful Mads, just like you and how you spoke so highly of the unique man he seemed to be. I’m glad they let you write this because it effects people in a way of understanding not only how strong you are, but how people should understand the world and how making something like you’re situation more beautiful. You’re a tough cookie for giving this out and letting people know and that’s one thing you helped me on when I lost my best friend at home, you were there, you knew and you did a great job at making me feel that I should be happy she was in a place of peace and wonder where she needed to be. I just wanted to say how beautiful this letter was, I know he is smiling because he left a beautiful granddaughter to teach others. Can’t wait to hear about you’re adventures in Greece, I know Harlan is there with you in everything you do. Now he has given others and my grandfather and best friend some company up there in heaven, I know they absolutely love him, I wish I had gotten to meet the sweet man you spoke about, he must have been a lot of people’s life changer. Love you Kansas.

  14. soooo, I went on the Capetown trip last summer and love to keep up with GL’s website/blog. Know that what you learn in Capetown truly continues to shape your perspective on everything post trip! GL is spot on in everything that they do. I loved reading your blog post- this is awesome!

  15. What a wonderful opportunity to have this truly awesome, and perhaps life changing experience given to you, Lauren. I know it will leave an imprint of experiences in your mind and heart and that you will forever be changed by those times. Five weeks that will influence you for the rest of your life. Beautiful!

  16. Hi Megan,
    Your blog is fabulous. This really makes me want to go. I know you are having a wonderful time. Good work!!

  17. That’s my girl! Pretty sure that would be what I would be obsessed with in Rome, too! Miss you and love you!

  18. Hilarious!! 🙂 I have a feeling pizza and gelato will never taste the same back in the states.. but then again maybe that’s a good thing! Glad you enjoyed your time and a few (maybe too many) indulgences while you were there! We missed sunshine! 🙂

  19. You must have some really awesome parents to help you make this happen. 😉 Enjoy yourself, and enjoy the experience!!

  20. What a great note .. Peyton.. We are all very proud of you!! Have fun and please e safe!!

  21. What an awesome post, Peyton! So happy you have this opportunity, and it’s great to hear you’re having a great time. Stay safe, and lots o’ fun!