Required Application Materials
Applications will be reviewed upon receipt of the following items:

  • LeadAbroad online application form
  • $750 program deposit (non-refundable if student is accepted, fully refundable if student is not accepted)

Completed applications must be submitted online.

Application Deadline
LeadAbroad does not have an official deadline for applications.  However, once a program has reached enrollment capacity, applications will close.  If you apply for a program after it has reached capacity, you will be placed on the wait list.

Students must meet the stated program requirements for the program for which they are applying, if any.

Acceptance Timeline
Applications for online programs will be reviewed and finalized no later than three days prior to the course start date. Students will not receive an acceptance decision until all required application materials are submitted including deposit and/or deferred balance usage agreement (only for students with deferred balances, sent via SignRequest).

Acceptance Waitlist
If, at the time of application, the student’s preferred program is full, a student will receive an email informing them of the situation. At this time the student will be able to:

  • Retract their application and deposit for a full refund
  • Opt into a waitlist for their program

Students who choose to join the waitlist will receive a periodic update regarding their status and an opportunity to retract their application.

At any point while on the waitlist, the student may notify LeadAbroad that they no longer want to be on the waitlist and receive a refund for all program fees. The student must notify LeadAbroad of their wish to be removed from the waitlist before LeadAbroad notifies the student that a spot has become available.


Program Fees & Tuition

Prices for summer 2020:

Program Program Fee Transcript Fee (Paid directly to Oglethorpe University) Total
Leadership In Action Course $750 $600 $1,350


Payment Schedule

  • Program Fee
    • $750
    • Due with application or paid later.
    • Please note that applications will NOT be considered for acceptance prior to payment of program fee
  • Transcript Fee
    • $600
    • Due within one week of acceptance
    • Paid directly to Oglethorpe University
    • Failure to pay transcript fee within one week after program acceptance may result in removal from course without refund of program fee

Program spot is not guaranteed until acceptance.  In the event that the student is not accepted, a full refund will be provided.

Student Using Financial Aid

If you are interested in, or planning on, using financial aid, please indicate this on the financial aid form or email us at

Failure to secure funding does not release a student from their payment obligations. LeadAbroad reserves the right to invoice the student for expenses incurred by LeadAbroad on their behalf.

If financial aid funding is not secured by student and remitted to LeadAbroad by payment deadlines, a guarantee letter from the lender must be provided to LeadAbroad by 3 days from the start of their program. Please contact if you require a form for your lender.

Payment Plans

Payment Plans may be available for students who are unable to meet the payment schedules above. Please email to discuss options. Upon completion of a payment plan agreement signed by LeadAbroad staff and Participant or legal guardian, students are required to meet the approved alternative financial deadlines. All payments must be submitted by the final due date for the student’s specific program. Any student who is not paid in full by agreed upon schedule will be subject to late fees and/or may be withdrawn from the program for non-payment.

Waitlist Policy

If a student is placed on a program wait list (see Acceptance Waitlist), the student will make program payments as if they were accepted. Failure to make timely payments could impact a student’s place on the waitlist. If a student is unable to receive a spot on the program, all fees will be refunded to them. If a spot becomes available and waitlist student subsequently decides to withdrawal, refund and deferral policies apply.

Voluntary Withdrawal

Any student who wishes to withdraw from a program must submit a withdraw request in writing to and formally complete the withdrawal process. No refunds will be available once a student has been accepted to the course. Verbal, text message/SMS or any other form of notification will not be accepted. Once a withdrawal notification has been received, LeadAbroad will acknowledge receipt of notification by sending withdrawal form e-mail to the student.

Refund Policies (Program Fees and Tuition Payments)

LeadAbroad’s refund policy is intended to provide transparent communication allowing students and families to make educated decisions. The refund policies below apply to program fees and transcript payments. Alternative payment arrangements (financial aid, payment plans, etc.) do not exempt you from this policy or alter the applicability of the refund schedule below.

Transcript fees are non-refundable.

Refund Schedule (Program Fees)

  • Withdrawal of application prior to acceptance: All payments are refunded.
  • Withdrawal of application after acceptance: No refund.
  • The above apply regardless of the student application acceptance (or conditional acceptance) date or date any prior, current or future payments are made.

Refunds/Deferrals for Illness (personal and family)

If a student has a health issue that renders them unable to participate in the program, a 50% program fee refund may be provided at the sole discretion of LeadAbroad. Students must notify LeadAbroad in writing.  Refunds are contingent on review of the medical withdraw form.  Please request a medical withdraw form by emailing  Final determination of refundability or deferral is at the sole discretion of LeadAbroad.

If a student has an immediate family member (defined here as father, mother, sibling, legal guardian, spouse or child) who experiences a significant health issue and consequently the student is unable to participate in the program, a 50% program fee refund may be provided at the sole discretion of LeadAbroad. Students must notify LeadAbroad in writing.  Refunds are contingent on review of the medical withdraw form.  Please request a medical withdraw form by emailing  Final determination of refundability or deferral is at the sole discretion of LeadAbroad.

Program Cancellation

If the course is cancelled, all monies paid to LeadAbroad for the Leadership in Action course will be refunded to each student. Any deferred monies utilized will be returned to the deferral balance for the student in question.

Change in Structure

LeadAbroad reserves the right to make cancellations, changes or substitutions in the program at any time because of emergency, changed conditions or LeadAbroad’s determination, in its sole discretion that such changes or substitutions are in the best interest of the program and/or its participants. Refunds or reduction in fees will not apply to such changes as long as the new arrangements are similar to the plan originally communicated. It is LeadAbroad’s sole discretion to decide level of similarity.

Payment Methods

Payments to LeadAbroad can be made via electronic check, debit card or credit card on our website only. Cash, paper check, money order or any other form of payment will not be accepted unless approved in advance of payment by LeadAbroad staff.

LeadAbroad will charge a $50 fee for bounced checks.

LeadAbroad only accepts Visa, MasterCard and Discover. A 4% processing fee will be assessed to all debit and credit card payments. Processing fees will be charged to the credit card being used at the time payment is made.

No fees are charged for payment by electronic check.

Payments made to 3rd parties, including but not limited to Oglethorpe University, are subject to the policies of the 3rd party organization and are not governed by LeadAbroad policies.

Financial Aid

Students wishing to use financial aid must email regarding their intention to utilize financial aid.


Class Attendance

LeadAbroad is committed to the academic integrity of our programs. All students participating in a for-credit program will be subject to academic and programmatic consequences for missing class. Excused absences are approved only if the student has a doctor’s note that includes the diagnosis and confirmation that the student needed to be seen immediately or a note from the program staff verifying a medical or personal emergency with the student.

Unexcused absences will impact a student’s final grade in the course. Refer to your course syllabi for specifics regarding how absences will  impact your participation and final grade.

Programmatically, if a student has 3 unexcused absences or 15% of a traditional class a notification will be sent to them and their emergency contact letting them know that they are on probation. If a student has 4 unexcused absences or 20% of a traditional class the student will be dismissed and receive an automatic failing grade.

Personal travel is not an excused absence. Students should review their course syllabi and reach out to LeadAbroad to confirm their class schedule before booking any personal travel.

Academic Policies

Equal Opportunity Policy & Special Accommodations
Oglethorpe University is an equal opportunity educational institution. Faculty, staff and students are admitted, employed and treated without regard to race; color; religion; national origin; sex; sexual orientation; pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions; age; disability or handicap; citizenship status; service member status; or any other category protected by federal, state or local law. Oglethorpe University complies with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Titles VI and VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Civil Rights Act of 1991, Sections 503/504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Amendments Act (ADAAA) of 2008, as well as other applicable federal, state and local laws.

All LeadAbroad programs attempt to be inclusive and respectful of the academic needs, backgrounds and experiences of all its students. Any participant who needs alternate accommodation or other assistance in a course must contact LeadAbroad, in writing, at least 3 days before the program begins. LeadAbroad cannot guarantee that late requests will be honored.

If a student claims a learning disability, the student may be asked to submit copies of any written requests, but LeadAbroad is under no obligation to modify existing curricula, criteria, syllabi or itineraries.

Oglethorpe University Policy Prohibiting Discrimination, Harassment & Retaliation
Oglethorpe University values the dignity of the individual, human diversity and an appropriate decorum for members of the campus community. Discriminatory or harassing behavior is indefensible as it makes the work, study or living environment hostile, intimidating, injurious or demeaning.

It is the policy of the University that all members of Oglethorpe community are able to work, study, participate in activities and live on a campus free of unwarranted harassment in the form of oral, written, graphic or physical conduct which personally frightens, intimidates, injures or demeans another individual. Harassment directed against an individual or group that is based on race; color; religion; national origin; sex; sexual orientation; pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions; age; disability or handicap; citizenship status; service member status; or any other category protected by federal, state or local law is prohibited. At a minimum, the term harassment as used in the policy includes:

  • Offensive remarks, comments, jokes, slurs or verbal conduct pertaining to an individual’s personal characteristics or those of a group.
  • Offensive pictures, drawings, photographs, figurines or other graphic images, conduct or communications including e-mail, text messages, postings, faxes, documents or copies pertaining to an individual’s personal characteristics or those of a group.
  • Offensive sexual remarks, sexual advances or requests for sexual favors
  • Offensive physical conduct including touching and gestures

Sexual misconduct, harassment and assault are addressed in a separate policy; please reference the Oglethorpe University Bulletin here.

Retaliation, which includes threatening an individual or taking any adverse action against an individual for reporting a possible violation of this policy or participating in an investigation conducted under this policy, is absolutely prohibited.

Members of the faculty are also covered by this policy and are prohibited from engaging in any form of harassing, discriminatory or retaliatory conduct. No member of the faculty has the authority to suggest to any student that the student’s evaluation or grading would be affected by the student entering into (or refusing to enter into) a personal relationship with the faculty member or for tolerating (or refusing to tolerate) conduct or communication that might violate this policy. Such behavior is a direct violation of this policy.

Intellectual Property Rights
Oglethorpe University believes that the public interest is best served by creating an intellectual environment whereby creative efforts and innovations can be encouraged and rewarded, while still retaining for the University and its learning communities reasonable access to, and use of, the intellectual property for whose creation the University has provided assistance. The University supports the development, production and dissemination of intellectual property by its faculty members, staff and students. (Oglethorpe University Bulletin)

Code of Conduct
Students enrolled in LeadAbroad programs must adhere to Oglethorpe University’s Code of Conduct described in the Bulletin here.

Academic Honor Code
Our honor code is an academic one. The code proscribes cheating as an umbrella that all academic malfeasance falls. Cheating is any willful activity impacting or connected to the academic enterprise and involving the use of deceit or fraud in order to attempt to secure an unfair advantage for oneself or others or to attempt to cause an unfair disadvantage to others. Cheating undermines our community’s confidence in the honorable state to which we aspire.

Examples of cheating include but are not limited to:

  • The unauthorized possession or use of notes, texts, electronic devices (including, for example, computers and mobile phones), online materials or other such unauthorized materials/devices in fulfillment (or in an attempt at fulfillment) of course requirements.
  • Copying another person’s work or participation in such an effort.
  • An attempt or participation in an attempt to fulfill the requirements of a course with work other than one’s original work for that course.
  • Forging or deliberately misrepresenting data or results
  • Obtaining or offering either for profit or free charge materials one might submit (or has submitted) for academic credit. This includes uploading course materials to online sites devoted, in whole or in part, to aiding and abetting cheating under the guise of providing “study aids.” There is no prohibition concerning uploading exemplars of one’s work to one’s personal website or to departmental, divisional, University or professional society websites for purposes of publicity, praise, examination or review by potential employers, graduate school admissions committees, etc.
  • Violating the specific directions concerning the operation of the honor code in relation to a particular assignment.
  • Making unauthorized copies of graded work for future distribution.
  • Claiming credit for a group project to which one did not contribute.
  • Plagiarism, which includes representing someone else’s words, ideas, data or original research as one’s own and in general failing to footnote or otherwise acknowledge the source of such work.
  • Lying, such as: Lying about the reason for an absence to avoid a punitive attendance penalty or to receive an extension on an exam or on a paper’s due date
  • Stealing, such as: Stealing another’s work so that he/she may not submit it or so that work can be illicitly shared; stealing devices and materials (such as computers, calculators, textbooks, notebooks and software) used in whole or part to support the academic enterprise.
  • Fraudulent interaction on the part of students with the honor council, such as: Willfully refusing to testify after have been duly summoned; failing to appear to testify (barring a bona fide last-minute emergency) after having been duly summoned; testifying untruthfully.

Willful failure of a student to report an incident of suspected cheating shall be considered to be a breach of the code of student conduct. Such cases will be referred to the chief conduct officer.

The honor code is in force for every student who is enrolled (either full- or part-time) in any of the academic programs of Oglethorpe University at any given time.

For a complete overview of Oglethorpe University’s Academic Honor Code, please review the Bulletin here.

Course Preferences & Placement
All non-audit students will be enrolled in Leadership: Global Theory & Practice for three credit hours offered by Oglethorpe University.  These courses are cross-listed with multiple disciplines, and students may choose how the courses will appear on their transcript by completing the academic form after acceptance.

Students who do not complete the academic form or who do not submit it on time will be enrolled in the default course indicated below. Course preferences must be communicated only through the academic form; any other form of communication (text, verbal, email) is not valid. Additionally, students may not change their selection after they are enrolled. Regardless of how a student prefers to have the classes listed on his/her transcript, everyone will be participating in the same class and curriculum. The following options are available:

Leadership: Global Theory & Practice

ULP 401: Urban Leadership Program (default if none selected)
History 490 (HIS): ST Leadership: Global Theory and Practice
Politics 490 (POL): ST Leadership: Global Theory and Practice
Sociology 490 (SOC): ST Leadership: Global Theory and Practice

Once officially enrolled, students may not change their course selection.

Withdrawal Policy
Details regarding course withdrawal are at the discretion of LeadAbroad. However, in general, students are not permitted to withdraw from a course after the course begins. Exceptions will occur only when an emergency situation requires a student to end participation.   LeadAbroad, in consultation with the faculty, reserves the right to deem what is classified as an emergency requiring course withdrawal. Once a student has been officially withdrawn from a LeadAbroad program, the student cannot re-enroll in the same program for the same period.

Dismissal Policy
If a student is dismissed from the program for not complying with the program policies, they will receive a “WF” (withdrawal fail) on their transcript.

Attendance will directly impact students’ grades and their ability to qualify for a LeadAbroad certificate. Students should refer to their course syllabi and program rules for specific programmatic and academic consequences for missing class.

Transcripts & Credit Transfer
Upon completion of the program, LeadAbroad will automatically send a transcript to the registrar’s office of the student’s school on record for non-audit students.  LeadAbroad and Oglethorpe University have the right to share information with home institutions in regards to a student’s performance on the LeadAbroad program.  Grades could take up to 90 days after the program’s completion to be posted. It is the sole responsibility of the student to obtain complete information concerning how academic work completed overseas is assessed by their home institution and how credit is counted towards the student’s degree program.  If a student needs a transcript sent to another location on campus or an additional university, they can request one online by clicking here.

Audit Policy
Only students who were accepted to a 2020 LeadAbroad program prior to 3/31/2020 may apply to audit the course and not receive credit. LeadAbroad reserves the right to limit the number of students who can audit a particular program. Audit students must attend all classes, participate in mandatory activities and complete all coursework expected of all students participating in the program. No Oglethorpe University transcript will be issued for students that audit a course. Failure to participate in any of the listed areas disqualifies an audit student from receiving a LeadAbroad certificate and may result in dismissal from the program.  Any student who wishes to audit must declare their intention to forfeit course credit upon submission of the program application.  Audit requests will not be accommodated after a student is accepted to the program.

Academic Appeal
Students wishing to appeal any decisions made with regard to academic policies or an academic concern or problem of a general nature can click here to submit an Academic Appeal, Complaint, or Waiver Request through Oglethorpe University.

Disabilities, Diversity & Special Accommodations

Accommodation Overview and Initiation
In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, all LeadAbroad programs promote non-discrimination of disabled individuals and provide reasonable academic accommodations when appropriate. An academic accommodation is a modification that enables students to participate in a program of study by incorporating adjustments to ensure their rights, access, and privileges are equal to those without disabilities. Some examples of academic accommodations may include extended time on tests and quizzes, testing in a distraction free environment, the ability to tape-record lectures, or note-taking assistance in the classroom.

Any participant who needs academic accommodations in a program of study must contact LeadAbroad at least 3 days prior to the program start date. Please note, LeadAbroad cannot guarantee that late requests will be honored. To initiate the accommodation process, please email

Approval Process and Implementation
In order to be approved for accommodations, students will be asked to complete the the disabilities form in their student portal and provide documentation that supports registration with the disability services office at their home institution. Once documentation has been received, Oglethorpe’s Disability Services and LeadAbroad will work together to identify accommodation possibilities. Please keep in mind that LeadAbroad will not approve any accommodations that alter the fundamental nature of our curricula. If an accommodation request cannot be fulfilled, LeadAbroad will work with the student to identify other program opportunities.

Once approved, the student will receive a Letter of Accommodation (LOA) prior to his or her program start date. From there, it is the student’s responsibility to self-advocate by delivering the LOA directly to his or her instructors. LeadAbroad instructors are accustomed to accommodating students in the classroom. By delivering the LOA personally, this will alert the student’s instructor to initiate a conversation about his or her classroom needs. Finally, the instructor will be responsible for implementing any classroom accommodations, such as recruiting another student in the class to take notes or proctoring an exam for a student that requires extended time.

Documentation Guidelines
A student is responsible for providing documentation that supports his or her request for academic adjustments. LeadAbroad requires that the documentation demonstrates the student’s current enrollment in a disability services program at his or her home institution, specifies a list of the student’s approved accommodations, and has been signed by the school’s disability services professional. Please note, the documentation does not need to specify the student’s diagnosis given that this type of paperwork has already been supplied to his or her current disability services professional.

Accommodations cannot be applied retroactively. Accommodations begin in the classroom once the LOA is received by the instructor.

If any program participant feels that he or she is being treated unfairly in any way, please notify the supervising faculty member or LeadAbroad office immediately at

Social Media & Online Community Guidelines

LeadAbroad encourages current program participants, alumni, industry experts, academic affiliates, prospective participants and students’ friends and family to join our active social media pages. Users may share their experiences on the programs, engage in conversation, ask questions and submit photos/videos of LeadAbroad programs.

LeadAbroad’s social media presence includes Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.

It is our goal to provide a social media platform that is informative, productive and respectful of all users. When engaging with our social media, please comply with the following policies:

  • Be respectful: Inappropriate or degrading posts will be removed at the moderator’s discretion.
  • Usage rights: Posting text, photos or videos on LeadAbroad’s social media gives LeadAbroad the right to use the content. Students should not post media they do not want distributed.
  • Monitoring of accounts: LeadAbroad staff is active on all social media pages; however, immediate reply to a question, comment or concern may not always be possible. Should you need to get in touch with a staff member, please email for a guaranteed response within 24 hours.
  • Participation: LeadAbroad social media reaches a large audience whose participation on our sites does not constitute an endorsement of products, goods or services. Views and opinions expressed on LeadAbroad social media by external individuals, companies or groups do not necessarily represent those of LeadAbroad or its employees.

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy discloses the privacy practices for This privacy policy applies solely to information collected by this website. It will notify you of the following:

  • What personally identifiable information is collected from you through the website, how it is used and with whom it may be shared
  • What choices are available to you regarding the use of your data
  • The security procedures in place to protect the misuse of your information
  • How you can correct any inaccuracies in the information

Information Collection, Use and Sharing
LeadAbroad is the sole owner of the information collected on this site. We only have access to/collect information that you voluntarily give us via email or other direct contact from you. We will not sell or rent this information to anyone.

We will use your information to respond to you, regarding the reason you contacted us. We will not share your information with any third party outside of our organization, other than as necessary to fulfill a request or operate our programs. Specifically, we will share academic information with our academic partner, Oglethorpe University, and health information with our local staff to ensure we are prepared to support participant health needs. These examples are not meant to be exhaustive but rather examples of approved information sharing.

Unless asked not to, we may contact students via email and/or text message in the future to tell them about LeadAbroad news and events, new programs or changes to this privacy policy.

Text Messaging
LeadAbroad is compliant with TCPA laws and regulations. When we collect contact information in person, we always collect prior written consent from students by clearly and conspicuously asking them to agree to the following language prior to providing their telephone number:

“By participating, you consent to receive text messages sent by an automatic telephone dialing system. Consent to these terms is not a condition of purchase. Message and data rates may apply. Text STOP to opt-out.”

Online, we ask you to agree to our policies prior to submitting your phone number. By agreeing to our policies, you expressly give LeadAbroad permission to text your number. If a student or parent would like our text communication to stop, please email LeadAbroad directly or respond “STOP”.

Your Access to and Control Over Information
You may opt out of any future contacts from us at any time. You can do the following at any time by contacting us via the email address or phone number given on our website:

  • See what data we have about you, if any
  • Change/correct any data we have about you
  • Have us delete any data we have about you
  • Express any concern you have about our use of your data

We take precautions to protect your information. When you submit sensitive information via the website, your information is protected both online and offline.

Wherever we collect sensitive information (such as credit card data), that information is encrypted and transmitted to us in a secure way. You can verify this by looking for a closed lock icon at the bottom of your web browser, or looking for “https” at the beginning of the address of the web page.

While we use encryption to protect sensitive information transmitted online, we also protect your information offline. Only employees who need the information to perform a specific job (for example, billing or customer service) are granted access to personally identifiable information.

Our Privacy Policy may change from time to time and all updates will be posted on this page.

If you feel that we are not abiding by this privacy policy, you should contact us immediately via telephone at 404.720.5657 or