We believe now more than ever in the power of travel to transform your life.

On your future LeadAbroad program, you’ll be inspired by Cape Town sunsets, afternoons wandering the cobblestone streets of Rome or the life-long friendships created through adventure.

The world is waiting for you in 2021!

Action Steps

Here’s what’s important now…

Check out 2021 dates.

You are getting first access to the details of our 2021 programs – see them all here! Talk with our team and your family to decide if you want to secure your deferred spot on the same program for 2021 or be on the top of the waitlist to switch programs.

Schedule a chat with our team here.

Register for your 2021 program.

This is how you lock in your spot before we go live to the public. Yes, you need to redo the application again for 2021. The application takes 10-15 minutes.

Start here!

Recommend friends.

After deferred students, your friends will get access next. Submit any friends or family who are considering joining you or interested in their own adventure abroad here so we can notify them about their early access!

Recommend friends here!

Deadline for priority registration for 2021:

October 4, 2020


Questions? We’re here to help!

Click here to schedule a call with our team.


Meet Your Support Team!


Joanna Harbin

Student support

Transfer student support

Program director



Kelsey Huffines

Student support

Social media manager

Program director



Student support

Campus crew manager

Program director



Michael McDaris

Student Onboarding

Parent support




Finances and payment plans


Parent support


Alternative Options

If you’ve decided that summer 2021 is not the best time for you to travel, that’s okay! Here’s some alternative options:

Save your deferred credit.

Save your credits and be the first on the list for tentative winter 2021 or summer 2022 programs.

Join our VIP list for these programs here!

Pay it Forward.

Donate your credits to a scholarship for a deserving student who otherwise couldn’t afford to study abroad.

Email Marc@LeadAbroad.com to get your scholarship set up.

Transfer your deferred credit.

Transfer your deferred credits to another student planning to travel with LeadAbroad.

Email Joanna@LeadAbroad.com to get started on the transfer process.

Join our 2020 Campus Crew

We are thrilled you want to join the 2020 Campus Crew. This is an incredible opportunity to gain professional experience and network with students on 25+ campuses across the nation. You’ll also benefit from personalized career coaching and first access to LeadAbroad programs, future summer internships and even post-graduate job opportunities.

Campus Intern

Lead efforts to build brand awareness on your campus


Chapter Representative

Serve as the point person for your sorority chapter

Regional Lead

Spread the word among your hometown & region


Social Media Intern

Work alongside our marketing team to develop social content

Deferred Student FAQs

Happy to answer your questions individually! Setup a time to chat here or see FAQs below.

How do I apply for a 2021 program?

As a 2020 deferred student, you have first access to the 2021 application. Click here and enter the password VIP. If you aren’t sure which program you want to apply for or want to get more information before starting the application, pick a time here for a team member to give you a call!

Once you start the application, make sure you get to the final page and click “submit.” Sometimes students have issues getting locked out when they abandon the application before completion.

Do I have to pay a deposit to sign up for 2021?

No, your deferral balance from 2020 will cover that payment! Depending on how much credit you have available from last year, you will make future payments according to the standard payment schedule. If you aren’t sure how much money you deferred or want to walk through the payment process in detail, click here to pick a time for a quick call from our deferred student support team.

When you get to the final page of the application, click “pay later”. This will allow you to submit the application and apply your deposit from last year.

Do I have to apply by August 21st?

The August 21st deadline gives you first access and program priority for 2021 programs. After this date, we will allow only friends and family of deferred students to apply, pending how many spots are still available. Later in the fall semester, applications will go public only if spots are available. Since we had 500+ deferred students roll over their application, we have fewer spots available for summer 2021 and we want to be sure you have first access before we open it up.

How do I transfer my credit to someone else?

There are two ways to transfer your deferred credit. A direct transfer is when you know a specific person signing up for LeadAbroad 2021 who wants to use your credit. If you don’t know anyone (and we can give you ideas for ways to find people), you can also join our transfer pool. We’re happy to chat with you about the details. Email Joanna at Joanna@LeadAbroad.com to chat more about your particular situation.

Why aren't all the 2020 programs being offered in 2021?

We’ve been working with our partners to offer the best possible line up of study abroad experiences for summer 2021.  We recognized that we needed to consolidate our program options to our most popular locations and program types to maximize our strongest international staff, focus on itineraries with lower health risks and partner with trusted vendors. If your 2020 program is not being offered in 2021, please talk to our program staff directly to hear about your options.

I want to travel in the future, not summer 2021. What should I do now?

Stay in touch and bookmark this page! We will post updates for deferred students here and when applications for summer 2022 are available, you will be the first to know! Fill out your info here so we know you are hoping to travel in winter 2021 or summer 2022.

How is LeadAbroad responding to COVID-19?

In response to COVID-19, we are committed to going above and beyond for the health and safety of our students and staff. We are in constant communication with local experts, agencies and risk advisory consultants to best understand how we need to design our programs to optimize the students’ experience. Every country is responding to COVID-19 differently and has unique and fluid requirements for tourists. We are monitoring these closely and as we get closer to departure we will communicate to you and your student any specific requirements, new processes or safety procedures.

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