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You're on the list!

LeadAbroad programs sell out faster every year.

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to secure your spot for 2025!

Confirmed for Pre-Sale!

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You've taken the first step toward the adventure of a lifetime. Every week, LeadAbroad will release a limited number of pre-sale codes to students on the 2025 pre-sale list. 

Next Steps

Keep a close eye on your texts.

If you have questions that can't wait, chat with one of our travel experts this week.

If you want more information on 2025 Dates and Prices, hop on the phone with us.

Schedule a call here.

Why Now

Do not miss your chance to travel during college. Join us on an adventure to discover yourself, connect with friends and come alive next summer!

Secure Your Spot Early

Our programs have sold out quicker and quicker every year, leaving students who wait with limited options or stuck on waitlists. This year we're introducing an exclusive Spring Pre-Sale, offering a limited number of spots for students eager to explore the world in the upcoming summer.

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Key Dates to Remember

Act fast! Registration for the pre-sale list is open until midnight on Feb 15. Just 30 seconds of your time could make all the difference!

Unlock Your Code

Once you're on the pre-sale list, each week brings exciting opportunities. We'll release pre-sale codes to registered students, granting them early access to apply and even share the experience with friends who share the travel bug.

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Priority Perks

Picture this – top priority for your dream program, preferred classes, thrilling adventures, and the accommodation you've been daydreaming about. Spring students get first dibs on it all!


Worried about commitment? We've got you covered. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with securing your spot, and if plans change, you can withdraw anytime before September 15, 2024, and get $350 of your $500 deposit back. Flexibility meets adventure!


No More Summer FOMO

No More Summer FOMO: Relax and kick back, knowing that your Summer 2025 is going to be incredible. Don't miss the chance to be part of the ultimate pre-sale experience – register now and share with friends. Make your travel dreams a reality!

Pre-Sale Code Registration


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