Baboons at Cape Point

Madison Beerbower, a sophomore at the University of Mississippi, got up close and personal with some unexpected wildlife “friends.” Check out her blog below!

When traveling in South Africa, you’re bound to come across all sorts of different animals, baboons being one of them. Generally these animals are afraid of people, but sometimes you run into friendly creates looking for some grub. They tend to hang around places with food and tourists who don’t know how to act when face to face with a wild baboon. If this happens, here some tips to help you…

1. Keep all food out of sight and out of mind
2. Any plastic bag is thought of as possible food to them
3. The babies steal hot drinks because they don’t know any better
4. Don’t pet the baboons
5. Baboons love to be photographed, pictures and videos welcomed
6. If they hop in your car, it’s there car until they’re ready to leave
7. Don’t look them directly in the eyes
8. Stay calm, they’re nicer than they appear

Baboons at Cape Point

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