Happy November from Go Global to you! We know what you’re thinking…November = Thanksgiving. What better way to kick off the month than with a multi-part series about FOOD! To get us started, our very own Community Leader, Alex Hall, has written a guest post to give you everything you need to know as it pertains to eating in Greece. Take a look…

Guest Post by: Alex Hall

If you know me, or want to get to know me, let’s talk about food. I love food, all sorts of food, and could talk about it for days. My best friend and I pretty much plan our days around what we are going to eat. There are certain days of the week, every week, we set aside to eat at specific restaurants. Panda Express is always Thursday at 11, Chickfila is at least part of my diet twice a week and we might as well throw pizza in there too, cause it’s a staple food for most college kids. If you love food as much as I do, then you’ll love Greece. It’s a country where there is more wine than water and Gyros are their version of fast food. Here’s a guide I put together for you to help you understand all things related to Greek dining.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Eating in Greece:

  1. It’s okay to ask for an English menu! Most places have them!
  2. You might want to eat something small before meals. Service is slow in Greece because they believe in taking their time and enjoying their company, rather than how we do things in America, which is fast-paced… (So don’t stuff your face and leave ASAP)
  3. TRY EVERYTHING! Especially at the big family dinners! I know trying new foods isn’t for everyone, but TRY THEM. I’m picky, extremely picky, but I made myself try everything on this trip and I was pleasantly surprised!
  4. Go to the Gyro place in Glyfada, Athens! It’s cheap, quick and absolutely delicious!
  5. Santorini restaurants you must try: Splash, DEFINITELY go to the Winery, and go to the Greek Wedding performance and dinner!
  6. Eat as many Greek Salads as you can! They aren’t the same when you come back (Lettuce in my Greek salad, what is that?!)
  7. Check out the dessert menu everywhere! (especially at Chocolat and Living in Glyfada)
  8. Watch out for the clear shot-looking thing they give you at the end of dinners; it’s tradition for them to take it after meals, but forewarning, its very… strong and not too tasty.
  9. Eat Gelato! Every chance you get!
  10. Get one of these AT LEAST once:
    Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 12.30.08 PM
  11. Do not tip — they find it awfully rude!
  12. Splitting checks is really challenging for them. Always carry smaller bills and try to figure it out within the group!
  13. If given the opportunity to take a cooking class, DO IT. You’ll want to relive your Grecian lives back at home through food, especially since you’ll miss the AMAZING tzatziki.
  14. Always ask your server their favorite item on the menu. It’s usually something you wouldn’t pick but it’s always something delicious! You won’t regret it!
  15. Make sure to end one dinner with breaking plates and doing the Greek traditional dances! OPA!Here’s a few awesome pictures to share with you of some of my favorite Greek meals! Must-haves!






When asked to pinpoint her favorite thing about LEAD Greece, Alex, a Junior psychology major at Auburn University, says, “I loved how going on this trip really made me come out of my comfort zone! I was given the opportunity to grow as an individual while exploring a completely new and beautiful country with amazing people. The bonds you make on this trip will last a lifetime and the adventures you get to go on will give you a completely new perspective.”

Come to Greece with us and gain a new perspective of your own … andddddd a gyro or two …

-Anna and the Go Global team

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