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How to Succeed

#1. Get to know LeadAbroad.

LeadAbroad is a study abroad organization focused on planning incredible experiences abroad. Whether you want to go for a short trip or a longer program, they can help. Summer 2017 programs are in Cape Town, Greece, Rome, Barcelona, London and Costa Rica!”

You can also explore “Why LeadAbroad” on our website and this quick video! Also check out our Instagram feed to get to know our students and locations!

#2. Chat it up.

Think about organizations on your campus that you can speak at – sororities, fraternities, philanthropy groups, adventure clubs. This is the fastest and best way to get the word out!

Check out Jojo’s announcement here. Make it your own. Jokes encouraged – not required.

Interested students can submit their info on your custom page or you can have them write their info down on this sheet! Then send photos of the sheets to us at [email protected] and we will take it from there!

#3. Do it for the ‘gram.

The more the merrier. Use Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or any other social networks to share it with your crew. This posts are great examples from our past ambassador! Be sure to tag us @LeadAbroad and use the #LeadAbroadLife and #studyabroad.



#4. You’ve got mail.

Send some inbox inspiration to your friends, organizations and those group members who never did their part of the project. Because slackers need study abroad too.

Inbox inspiration

What’s in it for me?

Extra dough or….

For every student you recruit for a 2017 program, you can earn cash…

GO    $400

LEAD    $400

DIRECT   $250


Somewhere to go!

Or double your money if you apply it to a 2017 program! $400 cash turns into a $800 discount off a program fee…

GO    $800

LEAD    $800

DIRECT   $500


Wait – tell me how this works again….

Sure. Take Taylor here. 

Sunset sail in the Barcelona harbor

Taylor spoke at sororities, chatted with friends from camp and home and got 4 friends to sign up for this summer!  2 of her friends picked GO trips and 2 picked DIRECT. Taylor already has a killer internship lined up for this summer so she opted for the cash money.

GO  +  GO  +  DIRECT   +   DIRECT = $1300 cash



Now let’s look at Cammie.

Cammie also got the word out on her campus through organizations, GroupMe posts and email blasts. Cammie got 4 friends to sign up for this summer!  Her friends picked GO, LEAD, PRO and DIRECT trips.Cammie and a camel Cammie decided she didn’t want to miss out, so she decided to join us on DIRECT Costa Rica this summer. The $1300 that she earned turned into a $2600 discount so she pays $0 for the DIRECT Costa Rica program fee!

GO  +  LEAD  +    +  DIRECT   =  $2600 discount

Tips from the Pros


Canmie in Rome


Taylor Brock




Think about one moment during your travels that truly made an impact. Then, hold on to that moment though everything that you do. One pitch, one chat, one encouraging text, one post – they could all be the ONE thing that leads someone else to have a life changing summer! – Kelsey Schmidt

Watch the videos and check out the website!  The more you know about the programs, the easier it will be to talk about them to your friends! – Cammie Cook

Go out there and crush it!  Know that you have an entire team supporting you and reach out to us if you need any help. Some students just need to know they are supported and that this incredible leap of faith will change their life just like it changed yours! – Taylor Brock

Get chatting with people the moment you walk into the door. Not only will they be more excited to hear your killer announcement, you will meet awesome new friends along the way! – Sophie Leopold

You are ready to go!  If you have any questions, email Carolyn at [email protected] Can’t wait!